For the West Carclaze proposals to be successful in creating a thriving new community, the facilities we can offer will be vital in unlocking the area’s potential for both new residents and existing inhabitants of St Austell and the surrounding villages.The emphasis is on accessibility with safe, walkable neighbourhoods as a priority.


  • 500m2 convenience foodstore
  • 600m2 of small shops
  • 500m2 of floorspace for cafes etc
  • A 1,000m2 community hub health centre
  • A 600m2 community centre
  • A 750m2 nursery
  • A 3,500m2 assisted living home
  • A local transport hub
  • A new 420 pupil primary school and schoolelds of over 2.2ha
A New Primary School

The new community will have at its heart a high quality educational facility. In collaboration with Cornwall Council, the first phase of a 2 form entry primary school will be part of the initial phase of development. This school will in time provide spaces for 420 children of primary school age for both residents of the new development and for other local communities.

Community Centre & Transport Hub

A multi-use community centre will be included in the rst phase of development so that the community can have a place for all its social and functional activities. The community centre can also be the base for the other community services (like a community police office). The transport hub will provide a focal point for enhanced bus services , cycle hire and the car club, all of which are targeted at reducing the reliance on the road network and promoting the principles of sustainable travel.

Facilitate for all ages

The new community will provide facilities for all ages from the very young (a nursery where children can start to integrate into the community) and for those of more advanced years. Our proposals identify the opportunity to provide assisted living at the heart of the development.

Health Care

Our development gives the opportunity to deliver improved healthcare facilities and we are currently engaged with both a local Healthcare practice and pharmacy regarding the potential for them to expand into the West Carclaze development.

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