The West Carclaze Eco-Community will bring approximately £1 billion to the local economy over the next 20 years.
Community and Jobs

West Carclaze will be a fully representative community consisting of first time householders, fledgling and established families and pensioners. Some inhabitants will already have jobs whereas others will have retired and won't want to work, but for those moving in there will be approximately 1000 new employment opportunities, enabling them to be located close to their employment. Enhanced transport links will also assist their travel to work.



  • Cornwall has been granted over £500m as part of the next stage in European Funding and we must ensure that Mid Cornwall gets its share.
  • Our proposals also fit with the St Austell Bay Area Investment Plan which has been finalised and focuses on key themes:
  • Connectivity and infrastructure.
  • Business and investment.
  • Places and Communities.
  • People and Skills.
  • Environment and Sustainability.
Employment Land
  • New economic activity is already occurring supported by improvements to infrastructure now delivered in the area. West Carclaze will provide serviced industrial employment land which is much needed in the St. Austell catchment area.

  • A planning consent is in place for a new 2.8 hectare Technology Park on-site at Carluddon. Work to secure funding from the latest ERDF round is well underway.
A thriving village economy
  • The new community’s residents will generate enough demand to support the new shops and retail elements of the development. The demand generated will also have a positive impact for St. Austell Town Centre.
  • The new trails will have a positive tourism impact. This will be much greater in combination with other, wider, clay county trails and enable the area to better complement other high prole destinations within the county by expanding Cornwall’s wider tourism offer.

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