66% of the site will be restored habitats and green/open space to be included as part of the “Clay Country Heritage Park” for people to enjoy.


  • Clay Country Heritage Park - with Sky Tip at its heart.
  • Managed and owned by Land Trust Organisation - with local people involved in decision making.
  • 66% of the site or approximately 140 hectares (350 acres) will be green open space.
  • Extensive network of extra trails.
  • Creation and protection of habitats.


Being part of the landscape

For the first time in generations the public will be able to freely access and enjoy this rugged landscape on the edge of St.Austell.

Until now there has been restricted access, with no formal public right of way. All this will change – a network of trails will be established for riders, walkers, and cyclists.

With on-going restoration, local people will be able to see the landscape improve and a vibrant community grow.

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