Our plan is to build 1,500 homes, at least 450 to be afordable houses for the local community. The development will offer everything from single bedroom apartments to 4 bedroom family dwellings. We will also set aside part of the development for both self-build and custom build and will offer local people first choice of the properties for sale for an initial period before opening sales to the wider market.


Possible Sustainable features
  • Electric car charging points
  • Real time monitoring of energy and water usage
  • Waste recycling
  • South Facing alignment of buildings for solar gain
  • Construction utilising local secondary aggregates from the china clay production process
Low carbon home with
south facing rear gardens
  • We want our homes and their neighbourhoods to be places which residents can be proud of, which blend well into their surroundings but at the same time demonstrate sustainable credentials delivering low running costs for their owners.

    New homes are generally much more sustainable than their predecessors. We are committed to building increasingly energy-ecient homes in line with Government policy.


  • We will protect the quality of the built environment by using a “Design Code” which lays down the principles and criteria for the built environment. This will guarantee the quality of development from the outset.

Starter homes

In order to help people get on the housing ladder we are investigating how we can harness the Government’s new Starter Homes Initiative announced by the Communities Secretary Greg Clark on the 10th August 2015. This is a £26 million fund for house builders to demonstrate a range of high quality homes that will be available for first-time buyers at 20% below market cost.

These will pave the way for the first wave of starter homes at West Carclaze, and showcase for aspiring young homeowners the different types of high quality properties they can expect from the scheme.

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